Caddy Attitudes

"Looping" for the rich and famous in New York

Caddy Attitudes

"Looping" for the rich and famous

A book by Mark Donaghy.

25 years ago Mark, an Irish college student embarked on a few summers of carefree caddying. But to make things interesting he travelled across the Atlantic to the US and worked at Shinnecock Hills, a prestigious club perched at the end of Long Island in the salubrious Hamptons. Follow him on a voyage of discovery as he takes his passion for golf to the site of the 2018 US Open.

Share some of Mark’s adventures, fall in love with some of the eccentric caddies and get a glimpse of the rich and famous members of this prestigious club. And find out what makes a good caddy other than just “show up, stay up and shut up!”

Mark’s charm and wit oozes out of this book in an engaging and humorous style all his own. It’s the perfect treat for hackers and pros alike and even those who have never played the game.

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"Highly engaging writing style. I couldn't put it down. Quite possibly my favorite golf book of all time." - By Eric C. on December 30, 2015

"What a great read!! If you enjoy golf or if you know someone who plays this Great Game... this is a must read." - By L Williams on December 28, 2015

"It is a story of carefreeness. It is a story that makes you feel that anything is possible. It is a story about the optimism of 20 year-olds. Whether you like golf or not, it is an excellent read!!!" - Amazon Customer on February 3, 2016