Christmas coffee - Reminiscing with friends

Three of us went on an adventure to the US, James, Johnny and I. Johnny very sadly passed away in May this year and the book is largely dedicated to his memory. I got an email from his sister a few weeks ago, suggesting meeting up over Christmas. She turned up with her two brothers and James was able to make it as well.

It was great. We chatted over coffee and scones, swapped lots of stories about Johnny, at school, in the US etc. There was a 10 year void where he more or less dropped off the grid and I got a better chance to understand that. 

Anyway his sister gave me a Celtic shirt that johnny wore along with a SHGC ornament. Very tacky but worth the world to me. A bittersweet day of nostalgia and warmth towards him. I'm sure he would have appreciated it. 

God rest you my friend!! I'll catch up with you again for another round!