Initial feedback - the story over the past two weeks!

Happy New Year! I don't know if anyone actually reads this so it may just be to myself, but I hope 2016 is an amazing year!

The internet is a wonderful, curious thing that never fails to amaze me! This whole book project has been web-based from the get-go through Amazon Kindle and it is an amazing adventure to go through the whole publishing experience, doing everything oneself. From creating an account, filling in all the forms, uploading images, uploading the book, pricing, distributions etc. it is a little daunting. No doubt I've made a mess of it so far, but at least one can now actually buy it. Caddy Attitudes is live!

I know because so far sales have been good, much better than expected. I can see a daily traffic / purchase report, in multiple currencies while include dollar, sterling and Aussie dollars. I've the yacht on ice so far though. 

And I've had some amazing reviews so far, can't believe that people have:

  1. actually bought it
  2. read it 
  3. reviewed it positively!

This is all terrific fun to navigate through all this and learn at the same time.