Playing off the tips!

Playing off the tips – There are several sets of tees on a golf course and players choose which tees to play from to match their ability. The forward tees are for shorter hitters, the back tees are for the better players who can hit the ball a decent distance. The tips are generally the tees that they play the low amateur / professional events from, generally left to the elite golfers. 

Sometimes delusional golfers try and score bragging rights by playing off the tips. Very rarely do you get a golfer that’s good enough to justify the decision. But golfers generally tend to think they are better than they actually are.

It's a Caddy nightmare as there tends to be lots of lost golf balls. Players trying to hit it as hard as they can to reach the fairway. But they still go home and tell their friends that they shot in the 70s "off the tips". 

"So you played "off the tips"?"

"Hell yeah!"