Shane Lowry and his Caddy

So Shane Lowry won the WGC Bridgestone in Akron last night in spectacular fashion. I sat up and watched it hoping he would win and I couldn't believe that he actually pulled it off, now entering the top 20 in the world golfing elite. 

What was special for me was the great teamwork that Shane and his caddy Dermot Byrne showed playing the last. 

Shane had to make par at the last to set up a win but he pulled his drive into the trees. Oh no, I thought to myself, he's blown it! It's a chip out sideways to try and make a chip and putt. But he got lucky in that he was able to get a shot over the trees from about 140 yards. He spent a long time with his trusty bagman discussing his options. 

He need a yardage, a line and most of all a cool head to tell him what to do and what not to do. Dermot has been 'looping' for Shane a long time so they have built up an incredible trust together. The dialogue that happened was very straightforward and encouraging. I laughed as I heard the pair chat, I reckon 90% of all Americans has no clue as to what was being said, but they worked out that the front right portion of the green was the best play. Once they agreed, Dermot got Shane to picture the shot and told him to commit to a good swing.

Shane got a bit lucky, he pulled it a bit and it flew through a tree's branches to end up 12ft from the hole. It was no surprise to me that he holed the subsequent putt and it was great to see player and caddy embrace in the scenes afterwards.

A fantastic endorsement for the player / caddy relationship.