So why Caddy Attitudes?

I had a few proposed titles for my book, my working title was "Looping at the Cock!" but I eventually decided on Caddy Attitudes. It has a double meaning. Caddies are a rare breed, a law unto themselves. But there is an urban dictionary definition that fits well as well, which probably sums up my earlier days of wanton abandonment. I like the title, it seems to fit.

Urban Dictionary
When a person or group of people, usually friends, or sometimes in college sorority sisters, act very immature, don't ever escape the "high school mindset" such as getting caught up in stupid (caddy) drama that is relatively unimportant, are sometimes annoying, loud, obnoxious, materialistic, drunk, change their morals for the acceptance of others, act like they are "the shit" and above others in status who are not in that group, etc. things of that nature. “I can't stand that group of peoples' caddy attitudes. They are going nowhere in life until they realize that they need to grow up and stop acting so... "CADDY"!